Spanish sculptor José Manuel Castro López carves granite and quartz rocks into fluid sculptural works.  His illusory sculptures appear as if moulded from clay with soft, fabric-like folds and creases, challenging the materiality of the mineral rocks used. The artist always seeks to incorporate the natural shape of each stone before carving, combining the rough, natural surface of his materials with the gentle allusions to different textures. Removing evidence of human intervention at the end of his practice makes the sculptures appear almost as if they have been eroded naturally into these unnatural shapes. His sculptures are unique explorations of texture, form and process.


"My relationship with the stone is not only physical but also magical. They manifest, they obey me, we understand each other."

Studio shots

López studied art at Escola de Canteiros University and has since exhibited regularly across Europe and recently in Australia. He has been represented by Cadogan since 2021.




2021   'Unconventional Illusions', C. Gallery, Melbourne
2018   'Pedra Filosofal', MARCO, Vigo 
2017   'Pedras Vivas', Galeria La Catedral, Lugo
2014   'Lignolitos', Galeria Monty4, A Coruña 
2012   'Gallaecia Petrea', Museo de Galicia, Santiago
2009   'Tres en Raia', Galeria Metro, Santiago