Carly Smith , Suitcase Magazine (Vol.29), January 8, 2020

Global Young Designer Spotlight: LRNCE

Belgian-born artist and designer LRNCE creates one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by the colours and traditions of her new home, Marrakech


aurence Leenaert, otherwise known as LRNCE, is a woman of instinct. After an inspiring holiday in the Moroccan desert, she made the spontaneous decision to move to Marrakech, arriving to the medina with only her sewing machine and little in savings, unsure of how long she could stay. In the beginning she lived and designed out of a riad, forming relationships and collaborating with local artisans.


From there the landscape, culture and people of Morocco inspired her to dream and experiment with other materials and mediums. In partnership with several Moroccan artisans, she expanded her designs into the realms of fashion and home decor, with products including shoes, shirts, ceramics, carpets, chairs, paintings and whatever else sparks her imagination.


Her free-spirited nature is reflected in the fluidity and evolution of her work. While Leenart may experiment with materials, what really defines her designs are their bold colours and layered geometric shapes. She repeatedly uses these elements but changes the composition, creating objects that are playful in spirit, but also show a more serious understanding of design.

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