Francesco Moretti (born 1955) creates sculptures in metal with themes drawn from nature: the human body, plants and animals.  The subject is gradually relieved of any superfluous elements which do not evoke the primary meaning of things.


The relationship that Moretti has developed with metal is atypical. Whilst others work the material through physical confrontation –compression, hammering – or choose to push it to its limits until it loses all its substance – and melts – he chooses to accompany it. This understanding of the material results in a self-evident gesture.  Folded, bent like simple paper, the metal becomes light and delicate.  Gradually, the sculptor’s work fades, the subject regains its central place.  Moretti reveals figures under construction, captured in the moment when the subject becomes intelligible and palpable.  Beyond hand-crafted virtuosity and decorative indulgence, Francesco Moretti seeks to render accessible, without artifice, the process of the construction of the form.

Studio shots

Francesco Moretti (b. 1955) graduated from the Academia di Belle Arti di Venezia in 1978. Since 2009 he has had regular solo exhibitions in France, Italy and Switzerland and has participated in numerous international art fairs. Moretti has been represented by Cadogan since 2019.


1978    Graduate of the Academia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venice, Italy 
1974 Graduate of the Liceo Artistico Statale di Treviso, Italy 


1991-15    Creation of Paris Venice Design, graphic design agency 
1986-91 Creative Director, Style Marque, Paris, France
1981-86      Art Director for various design agencies, Italy

Creation of decors and sculptures for 'La Tosca' (staged by Sylvano Bussotti), Teatro de Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy

1978 Assistant set designer for 'La Buona Madre' (Goldoni), Biennale Teatro di Venezia, with Arnaldo Momo
1977-78  Assistant to architect set designer Giovanni Soccol at the Montepulciano Festival (Tuscany) for the creation of set decors
1974-80 Drawing professor at Vittorio Veneto, Italy


Selected Solo Exhibitions 
2021 'H roi tou chaos', Zeidoros gallery, Kapsali, Kythira, Greece
2018/17    'Hors les murs Silence', monumental sculpture exhibition with Grange Galerie, Dampierre, France
2017 'Silence', Galerie Rauchfeld, Paris, France
2016 'Flânerie d’Art', Aix en œuvres, Galerie Rauchfeld, Aix en Provence, France
2015 'Métrotypes' (photography), RATP, RER ligne B, France
2012 'Sculptures', Château de Monte-Cristo, Port-Marly, France


Selected Group Exhibitions 
2021 'The breath of nature', Technohoros Gallery, Athens, Greece
2018 Galerie Cyril Guernieri, Paris, France
2018-16    Galerie Tony Rocfort, La Baule, France
2015-16 Galerie Tournemine, Gstaad, Switzerland
2011  Fondation de Coubertin (sculptures), Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, France
   Ile Nancy, Andresy, Yvelines, France


 Salons Internationaux - International Fairs 
2021 Art festival of art and culture, Mycene, Argolide, Greece
2018  P/CAS by Yia art Fair, Galerie Cyril Guernieri, Paris, France
  Salon de l’objet d’art, Grand Palais, Galerie Cyril Guernieri, Paris, France
2017 Salon des jeunes marchands chez TAJAN, Galerie Rauchfeld, Paris, France
2016  Context NYC, Art Fair, Galerie Rauchfeld, New York City, USA
2016/15     Art Up, Salon d’art contemporain, Galerie Rauchfeld, Lille, France
2015 Art Elysées, Salon d’art contemporain, Galerie Rauchfeld, Paris, France
  Beirut Art Fair, Galerie Rauchfeld, Beyrouth, Lebanon
   Salon Révélation, Grand Palais, Fondation de Coubertin, Paris, France
2014 Red Dot Fair, Basel week, Miami, Florida, USA
2014/13 Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA
2014  MIA Art Fair, Sea Fair, Miami, Florida, USA


2013 'Métrotypes', Photography, De Bastiani Editore
2012  'Portrait, l’Italie année 70', Photography, De Bastiani Editore
1979    'Vittorio Veneto l’Altra Architettura', Photography, Ed. Altri Segni
1978 'Revine Lago', Photography, Ed. della Cassa Rurale Artigiana delle Prealpi
  'La fotografia/l’ambiente', Photography, Ed. Altrarea
  'Treviso l’ultima', Photography, Ed. Altrarea