Richard Whadcock is a British artist who specialises in atmospheric landscape paintings. His contemporary landscape paintings capture the ever-changing atmospheres of the South Downs and East Sussex coast from silent stillness to squally days. The landscape itself is only a starting point as the painting process takes over. Rather than painting with speed to capture a moment that has already passed, Whadcock aims to create a momentum driving the painting forward as it organically develops around a framework of memory and intuition. A central theme is expanded on or reduced to the basics, reinstating the foundations of the work and creating a sense of amorphous and ambiguous landscape, thus reflecting a sense of place rather than a reality.

 “…I don't think they are immediate paintings. The images enveloped in light and air reveal themselves the more you stand in front of them, if you are willing to let them, in the same way that a real landscape is taken in as you walk through it…”

Light, space and air are present as the central subjects of each painting, more so than the place itself which becomes subdued by the painting as it develops. Elements in the landscape are reduced to marks, lines and shapes that have evolved from the painting process, moving and shifting like the landscape as new possibilities develop. Whadcock’s works draw the viewer in, expanding and bringing small subtleties to the fore over time. Taking inspiration from artists such as Cy Twombly and Robert Motherwell, the influence of these artists can be sensed in the marks made, while Whadcock’s love for jazz music is manifest in the improvised development of each work. 

Studio shots

Richard Whadcock studied at both Bristol Art College and the Royal College of Art gaining a background in painting as well as printmaking and lithography, aspects of which are incorporated into the preparation of his works. Whadcock’s works have been collected both nationally and internationally and have been exhibited across the country.  


1989-91 MA Printmaking (R.C.A), Royal College of Art 
1986-89 BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting, Bristol Polytechnic
1985-86 Art Foundation, Wolverhampton Polytechnic


Selected Solo Exhibitions 
2022 'Borrowed Light', Cadogan Gallery, London, UK
2021 Northcote Gallery, London, UK (exhibited regularly since 2002)
2006/04 Adam Gallery, London, UK
2003 Vertigo Gallery, London, UK
2000/1998 E1 Gallery, London, UK
1997 Zella Gallery, London, UK


Selected Group Exhibitions  
2020 'New Year Show', Cadogan Gallery, London
2019 Nadia Waterfield Gallery, Andover
2016/15 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London, UK
2013 Strarta Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2013 National Open Art Competition, RCA, London, UK
2011 ArtHamptons, New York, US
2009 Art 2009, Adam Gallery, London, UK (exhibited since 2002) 
2000 Art Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, E1 Gallery, Paris, France



Robert Horne Collection

Lowick House Collection

Gulbenkian  Collection

Southern Illinois Collection

Private collections


1996 Robert Horne Paper Award
  Princes Trust, Sports Council
1991 Daler Rowney Award


2014 Cill Rialaig Artist Residency, Kerry, Ireland
1996 Lowick House Print Workshop
1995 Cheltenham College of Art