Sam Lock : The Fragment and the Infinite - Milan


“There are so many different forms this piece of work could have become, endless other destinations or endings. The marks we make are only part of the story, the unmade marks and all the other potential marks that could have been made are present in their absence” 


Sam Lock


Cadogan Contemporary are delighted to announce a new solo exhibition of works by British artist Sam Lock. Co-curated by Maria Abramenko and Freddie Burness The Fragment and the Infinite’ is made up of 'sections' of a fifty-metre roll of canvas made in Lock's studio in Brighton.

Each painting is a part of something bigger, a process that had, at its centre, the idea of not being able to see the whole picture. The complete work is now lost, existing only as component ‘Sections’ each representing a moment in time that is also a part of a whole.


Exhibiting these pieces together for the first time, Maria Abramenko and Freddie Burness, co-curators of this exhibition, sought a space that would speak to Sam Lock’s works. The exposed concrete, abundance of natural light and scale of the Scalo Lambrate site in Milan complement the negative space in the pieces, ‘the presence of absence’, allowing the paintings to breathe.

‚ÄčLock’s work has often been inspired by the layering of time, memory and history in space, greatly influenced by the time he spent studying in Rome. Milan, with its juxtaposition of old and new, and its pivotal position in historical artistic movements as well as those of the past century such as Arte Povera, corresponds with many of the themes in Sam Lock’s paintings. 


Studio shots