Gestalten Journal , September 1, 2019

Inside LRNCE's Moroccan Medina

Respecting artisan folklore, Laurence Leenaert has turned her back on consumerist culture


Deep in the labyrinth of hidden passages inside the Medina of Marrakesh lies century-old leather crafters who have carved a global reputation for themselves through their expertise. This ancient artisan tradition is what lured Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert and her brand LRNCE to Morocco. Keeping with traditions and respecting local levels of production, she has developed a sought-after label that doesn't conform to consumer demands.


In The New Mediterranean, Leenaert explains how visiting Marrakesh with her sister exposed her to "rich craft traditions," giving her a fresh perspective on design and production.

LRNCE was founded after Leenaert dropped out of her Master's at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent. The original concept was to specialize in leather bags, but the rich pool of experts in Marrakesh allowed for expansion. LRNCE has grown to include ceramics, textiles, sandals, mirrors, wall hangings, and kimono coats.

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