Artoday Italy , December 19, 2020

Leonardo Vandal

“The work has become a creature within me, something unborn that keeps evolving. It is a constant presence of shadows luring, something impaled to the very skin that I’m swept in”


Most of my works are mirroring a memory, or the reconciliation and a revenant emotion that echoes in my future, or it is created from pure escapism often inspired from a dream-like state composed around a melody from the past. Too many thoughts have been an issue of mine, but now I just listen to the shadows and the works appear. I learned to listen and decode the murmurations of my thoughts. At times I will investigate further if my knowledge is not sufficient, but in the end, my work is quite visceral. The approach resembles those of an archeologist, excavating the repressed memories and carefully displaying them and putting them into categories in order to learn and understand from the past. The unknown, that is where my imagination yearns to venture. 

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