Brittany Cost , Incollect , February 10, 2021

Galerie Philia Opens A Contemporary Design Installation At New York’s Walker Tower

Known for its collectible European design, Galerie Philia has created a new group exhibition, opening on February 15 at Walker Tower in Manhattan. Galerie Philia at Walker Tower features more than 70 artworks produced by 40 different designers working in Europe or influenced by European aesthetics. Co-curated with Italian designer and architect Pietro Franceschini, the tastefully styled loft reveals the breadth of talent among Galerie Philia’s makers. 


“This exhibition was conceived as a first-time presentation in the United States of Galerie Philia’s distinct universe — a beautiful collection of works by artists and designers from Europe who define today’s art and design scene,” says the gallery’s co-founder, who prefers to remain anonymous.


In one of the bedrooms, an ebony Lucas Morten chair is set beside the Studio Arno Declercq ottoman. The artwork is by Lorenzo Brinati.

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