Sheila Lam, Openhouse Magazine , August 23, 2021

UNDER A DOMe at Cadogan Contemporary Gallery

When speaking with Martino di Napoli Rampolla, founder of Numeroventi, he advises “the key for someone who works with an artist is ultimately to be as present as possible and to give them the most attention possible.”


Though he does not consider himself a curator—“I would rather not use that word because I don’t have the background”—he in many ways embodies the meaning in its purest form. Defined as a keeper or custodian of a collection, the word “curator” comes from the Latin word curare, which means “to take care”. Through the scores of residencies at Numeroventi, Martino is a steward of many. This fall, he has partnered with Cadogan Contemporary and its director, Freddie Burness, to exhibit two Italian-based artists in London.


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