Fahrenheit Magazine, October 18, 2021

Share your art: Perla Krauze and her eternal exploration


Perla Krauze is a multifaceted artist who likes to constantly reinvent herself .

She goes from drawing and painting to sculpture and installation with great ease, since her thing is to create. The important thing for Krauze, 67, is to explore between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional.


She studied Graphic Design at the San Carlos School of Plastic Arts, a Diploma in Art at Goldsmith's College in London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Plastic Arts at Chelsea College of Art.


His work is part of important public and private collections , such as those of the Amparo Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, Carrillo Gil Museum of Art, MUAC - UNAM, National Print Museum, Museum of the Secretariat of Treasury and Public Credit, Museum of the Foreign Ministry and Manuel Felguérez Collection, in Mexico; Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Sprint Art Collection and the Freedman Gallery, in the United States.


Perla Krauze is currently one of the talents at the Hilario Galguera Gallery in Mexico City, so we invite you to get to know her a little better through Bio Fahrenheit.


How would you describe your profession in one sentence? 

Curiosity to discover and experiment .


What was the first work that marked you to start your path in art? 

Black Paintings , by Goya.


Place of inspiration or reflection? 

Nature and landscape.


What is your favorite meeting point with friends?

Each one's workshops.


What was your first work?

Drawing of the passage 


Three creators you admire.

Leonardo da Vinci, Kounellis and Eva Hesse.


What does creating mean to you?

Experiment, inhabit sites and materials.


What is the most important thing in your day to day? 

Live each day differently.


In three words, how do your close ones describe you? 

Calm, curious, rock collector… 


Would you like to add something?

Art is a daily experience that starts from the smallest.

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