Gisela Williams, Surface Magazine, September 9, 2019

Long a muse for prominent artists and designers, the Red City is gaining steam as a cultural force.

At the moment Marrakech is experiencing yet another heady moment of discovery and renewal: Over the last decade there has been a boom of designers, artists, and entrepreneurs from around the globe and its own streets who have been successful experimenting with and building small businesses inspired by traditional Moroccan craft.


One of the bigger local success stories of the last few years has been Belgian designer Laurence Leenaert who launched her LRNCE brand with the help of her husband Ayoub Boualam in 2013. Leenaert collaborates closely with Moroccan artisans to produce joyful hand-painted ceramics, woven rugs, furniture, housewares, fashion accessories, and clothing, much of which features images inspired by her paintings. It’s worth the 20-minute drive to Sidi Ghanem, Marrakech’s industrial zone, to visit the LRNCE atelier, which is open by appointment only. 

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