Living Etc, November 30, 2020

Room design ideas: Abigail Ahern shares her very best

Maximalist expert Abigail Ahern's room design ideas will bring personality to your home

If the room design ideas you're after are more maximalist than minimalist, look to Abigail Ahern, the master of 'more is more', for some dazzling  modern interior design inspiration.


Her explorative style embraces all-out colour palettes, luxurious textiles, patterns and embellishment to show-stopping effect. Brimming with passion and creativity, it's a far cry from stripped-back Scandi style.

In her new book, Everything, Ahern shows us how to express our unique personalities at home - a place where we're all spending more time than ever - with confidence. 

From experimenting with lighting and texture to blending the modern and the vintage, her expert tips will help you define your own style and design a home that's bursting with character.

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