Thalis Devos, West-Vlaanderen, March 5, 2020

They are colors that make you dream and dare

We are almost the same age and born in the same city in West Flanders. I was at the launch of her collab with Bellerose. And yet it has only been two weeks since I first met designer - and our cover model - Laurence Leenaert. In Marrakesh then. The place where she has lived for five years now and is working on her colorful lifestyle label LRNCE. The Kortrijkse is working on world success, was recently picked up by Fendi, but still made time for us. Everything she makes, from kimonos to carpets and ceramics, the entire collection breathes Morocco. The fine colors, the beautiful handwork, the joie de vivre. Like Laurence, I also felt a coup de coeur on my first visit to the city. I understand that free souls have been finding inspiration there for many years. It is, not just, but above all, the colors that make you dream and dare.

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