Tycjan Knut creates subtle abstractions. Using delicate tonal differences and neutral colours, his works have an effect that verges on optical illusion. His compositions require time and thought. What meets the eye at a glance may not be all it seems after a closer inspection. Knut’s paintings unfold slowly, with multiple anchor points drawing the viewer’s eye across the painting and creating a sense of balance. By building up overlapping layers of colour in a way that resembles the organic world, he creates images that trick the eye into perceiving new depth in already highly structural objects. Without using sketches or plans, Knut’s practice is reactive. The artist carefully follows the formation of the composition, examining the function of each element in relation to the painting as a whole throughout.

"In painting I try to completely rely on intuition, because it in its essence seems to me to be the purest. To cultivate this feature in my works, I give up the preparations."

Knut’s work takes inspiration from the geometric abstract art of the twentieth century with a deep academic interest in unknown abstract ‘masters’.  His work resonates with the echo of this tradition but extends beyond the trend, his works freed from the constraints of formula.

Studio shots

Tycjan Knut was born in 1985 in Warsaw and now lives and works in London. Knut received his PhD in Fine Art and Painting from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. His work has been exhibited across Europe and is held in private collections across the world. Cadogan has represented Tycjan Knut since 2019.



Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

Jan Kochanowski University Institute of Fine Arts in Kielce


Selected solo Exhibitons 
2024   'Tycjan Knut', Simchowitz Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2023   'Chroma Cut', Cadogan Gallery, London, UK
2023   'NO-SPACE', Contemporary Cluster, Rome, Italy
2022   'Horror Vacui', Numeroventi , Florence, Italy
2021   'Light Matters', Cadogan Gallery, London
'More-Less', Contemporary Art Centre Gallery El, Elblag, Poland 
2014   'Old School', Project Rooms at Contemporary Art Centre CSW, Warsaw
2011   'Tycjan Knut - Paintings', Soho Factory, Warsaw, Poland


selected group exhibitions 
2023   'Through The Walls', Cadogan Gallery, London, UK
2022   'Worlds' BWA contemporary art centre as a part of Zbiorowy Collective Wroclaw, Poland
2020   'Invisible Subjects', Cadogan Gallery, London
2019   '3 Anni', Numeroventi, Florence, Italy
2018   'In the Neighbourhood', House of Grey, London
    'Emerging Hermit', The Workshop, London 
2015   'Pure Formality', Contemporary Art Centre Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin, Poland 



PKO Bank 

Contemporary Art Centre El


Private Collections in UK, USA, Switzerland, Dubai, Monaco, China, Poland, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Mexico.