Deborah Tarr: Selected Works


Cadogan are excited to announce a new solo exhibition of works by Deborah Tarr. Produced over the past year, this series of recent paintings and assemblages takes inspiration from her travels. Evoquing the British coastlands and countryside, the urban sprawl of Los Angeles or the landscapes of California, her paintings find a subtle balance between figuration and abstraction. While some works are more clearly 'of' somewhere, each work is a representation of a moment in time, a feeling, or a memory. We are encouraged to participate in this distillation of thought, the canvas acting as a medium of communication between artist and viewer. Her works are infused with emotion making them resonant and wonderfully complete. 


Tarr describes the process of painting as 'a conundrum' defined as much by removal and restraint as adding the next thing. It is in this cathartic cycle the artist finds soothing and eventually balance. 

Cadogan Contemporary has represented Debroah Tarr in London for over twenty years. Her career has gone from strength to strength and her base of collectors is extensive and truly international.

Studio shots