Myrto Katsikopoulou, Design Boom, April 14, 2022

kinetic mirror totem by edoardo dionea cicconi distorts medieval fort surroundings in italy



Set against the mysterious Rocca Calascio fort in Abruzzo, Italy, the ‘Kinetic Mirror’ sculpture by Edoardo Dionea Cicconi emerges as a reflective totem amid the cinematic setting and its medieval architecture. The site-specific installation takes shape as a slender sculpture with a mirrored front surface that reflects its surroundings by distorting them. It is part of Dionea Cicconi’s ongoing XYZT series, which explores the relationship between landscape and ephemerality, and will be followed by a solo show in London at the CADOGAN gallery in June 2022. 



The installation by Edoardo Dionea Cicconi (find more here) is perched right by the mountaintop castle of Rocca Calascio, one of the oldest standing forts in Italy. Set at a height of 1,460m (4,790ft), Kinetic Mirror presents itself as a slender vertical structure with a reflective metal cladding, generating a strong contrasting effect with the stone walls of the castle and the jagged mountainous surroundings.


Although the front surface of the piece is straight and sharp, it presents a peculiarity: it produces mysterious, distorted reflections of its surroundings, with the image flexing before returning to its initial appearance. The work moves along with the passers-by, capturing their image which appears pinched, disappears, and then appears again. Viewers expect to see their real selves but instead, they only see movement and distortion — it is an exciting as well as unsettling feeling. Like a black hole of some kind, the installation absorbs the image of its surroundings, and no one knows where or when the reflection might reappear. In this way, the work embraces the occult character of the location, becoming one with the landscape. 


Influenced by contemporary physics such as the work of Carlo Rovelli, Edoardo Dionea Cicconi’s pieces reflect on the concepts of space and time, establishing a dialogue between past, present, and future. The artist is devoted to choosing specific locations for his works, as he is always on the lookout for sites that can express his interest in science and metaphysics, as well as his unique creative vision. Edoardo has specially chosen Rocca’s castle as a ‘site of magic’. Kinetic Mirror will remain in situ for an undecided period, waiting for hikers and tourists to discover it right in front of the medieval fort. 

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