Edoardo Dionea Cicconi is an Italian contemporary artist working with installations, sculptures, sound and other media. Addressing universal themes often in an interactive way, he tries to find a synthesis between art & science, investigating the concept and perception of “time”. His artworks freeze a subjective dimension in time and become the vehicle of a profound, universal message.


‘Time and Space (and spacetime) intrigue me a lot as universal themes … It is impossible to reflect on something without taking time and space into consideration because it would be something non-existent, without reason.’

His ‘kinetic mirrors’ explore these concepts. While appearing to be simple metal mirrors, these installations interact with their  environment; sometimes reflecting space and at other times warping it. Like a black hole, the mirrors create a sense of density, distorting the figure of the viewer until they are no longer visible, merging them with the surrounding space and with the installations themselves. In this way the viewer and their surroundings become an active participant in the artwork, central to its conceptualisation. 


E D O A R D O    D I O N E A   C I C C O N I

1985  Born in Rome, Italy
Lives and works in Milan and Palermo, Italy



2023 "150-93" exhibited at Hotel De Russie, Rome, Italy. 

2023 "Second/Second", Mexico City, Mexico 

2023 "AKR" exhibited at Palazzo Reale, Palermo, Italy 

2023 "Through the walls", group show at Cadogan Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2022 “Dream Baby Dream” – group show on the occasion of the 59th Venice Biennale, Italy

2022 XYZT, Rocca Calascio, Abruzzo, Italy 

2021 RES.IN #02 MILANO
Alban Adam / Jordan Hemingway / Edoardo Dionea Cicconi / Floria Sigismondi, Milano, Italy 

Alban Adam / Jordan Hemingway / Edoardo Dionea Cicconi / Floria Sigismondi, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

2021 TERRANERA, XYZT, Pantelleria, Sicily, Italy

2021 Planeta Session: Moon – group show, Buonivini, Sicily, Italy

2021 RES.IN #01, Ellen Sheidlin / Edoardo Dionea Cicconi, Palermo, Italy

2021 THEND – group show
Hans Op De Beek / Marc Bijl / Martin Eder / DUSKMANN /
Edoardo Dionea  Cicconi / Jose Davila / Fabio Viale / Veronica Smirnoff / Paulo Arraino / Jason Peters / Rocky Hudson

2021 The Art Bank Gallery. Graz, Austria

2020 MuMe MUSEUM



2019 FRAGMENTS solo show, special project of Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Palermo, Italy

2019 HEAT, on the occasion of the 58th Venice Biennale, Italy

2019 Group Show “Waking Dream”, Milano, Italy 

2018 Group Show “Epiphany”, Chiesa S. Andrea degli Aromatari, Palermo, Italy

2018 DUSKMANN “Prelude”, Chiesa della Madonna della Mazza, Palermo Italy

2018 MONOLITH Capturing Spaces #1, Villa dell’Ombrellino, Firenze, Italy

2018 “Pandora’s Syndrome” – project room Daforma Gallery, Rome, Italy

2016 BSE – Beauty, Sacrifice, Eternity,  UNAVETRINA, Rome, Italy

2016 group show DUSKMANN Prelude – “Il Paradiso inclinato” Master and Emerging artists
with (…)  Sol Lewitt / Boetti / Kounellis / De Dominicis / Schifano (…)
Ex Dogana, Roma

2016 DUSKMANN “Prelude”,  K29 institute center, Vilnius, Lithuania

2015 DUSKMANN “Prelude”,  Giacomo Guidi Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

2015 Group Show “Alchemy Room” 

with Per Barclay / Jan Van Der Ploeg / Fund Photos in Detroit 

Giacomo Guidi Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

2015 Group Show,  Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Roma, Italy

2015 Group Show,  Museo delle Palme, Palermo, Italy

2015 Layers,  Giacomo Guidi Contemporary Art

2011 “Alchemy”,  CO2, Rome, Italy




Exhibition Catalogues

2020 aXs “Closer to Ghosts”

2019 aXs, “Fragments”

2016 Achille Bonito Oliva, Luca Tomio – “Il Paradiso Inclinato” 



Collections (institutions)

Museo delle Palme, Palermo
MEC Museum
MuMe Museum
Fondazione Sicilia



Collections (private)

Italy, UK, Austria, France, USA, United Arab Emirates




2021 Ellen Sheidlin  (b. Russia, 1994) 

2015 Andy Warhol’s Dust, with Gerald Bruneau (b. Monte Carlo, 1947)