Edoardo Dionea Cicconi: XYZT


Edoardo Dinoea Cicconi will present his latest series “XYZT” in Cadogan’s London gallery. After two years of exhibitions in museums, institutions and unconventional spaces, this series of ‘kinetic mirrors’ will be presented for the first time in a contemporary art gallery.


Through this body of work Dionea aims to emphasise the connection between art and science. Inspired by contemporary physics and researchers such as Carlo Rovelli, Dionea’s scientific interest in space and time and the mystery of the unknown and undiscovered is a fundamental element of his practice. ‘XYZT’ references the axes of a grid, XYZ, with the T representing time. 


The installation is a self-supporting metal structure with a mirroring surface on its front. This surface is plain and sharp. Through the sculpture’s inner mechanism the mirror flexes, distorting the images, before returning to its initial phase reflecting reality. It is the work that moves, catching the viewer and dissolving and merging them with the surroundings and the sculptures themselves. Like a black hole where everything is thickened and where it is not known where this totality ends up. The totems are hard edges and essential structures, so sleek they involve their spectator into an interactive-performative action. Installed in extraordinary locations, there is a constant dialogue between the artwork, the viewer and the environment, connected through kinetic distortion. Disconnected from the usual gallery space, observers are brought into a timeless dimension. 


In Dionea’s work, the distortion of space and time is relative to human perception. Using fluid-like mirrors to represent black holes and their influence on their surroundings, Dionea’s work hypnotises its viewer, transmitting a similar feeling to falling into Caroll’s rabbit hole. As dark matter is known to be classified as ‘cold’, ‘warm’, or ‘hot’ according to its velocity, it is curious how we see this chromatic game in Dionea’s XYZT series. Edoardo’s creations absorb the light in both physical and metaphorical ways.  On one hand this light hits the surface and it becomes a three dimensional element, on the other the light is a bridge between refraction and its magic.


Facing the artwork one takes his moment, a moment to reflect, a moment for himself, a moment of trying to understand the dynamics and mechanisms of existence - personal and absolute. Edoardo’s previous and ongoing background in music is also evident in the movement of his artworks which seem to have their own unique rhythm. Dionea creates a new machine measuring the unknown and engaging us with his ‘art beats’. 

Studio shots