Giulia Guido , Collater.al Italy , May 4, 2022

Edoardo Dionea Cicconi’s totem pole at 1460 meters of altitude

A few days ago, in front of the Rocca Calascio Castle in Abruzzo, a metal totem pole appeared, attracting dozens of curious onlookers. It is a new stage of the project “XYZT” by the Italian artist and sculptor Edoardo Dionea Cicconi

Started in 2020 from the MuMe in Messina, the project of the Roman artist born in 1985 seems not to be willing to stop, stopping in some places to be discovered in our country. 


The project is developed in a metal monolith placed in strategic points, which allow the installation to hide within the landscape, but at the same time to reflect the landscape and return a distorted image. This is the fundamental characteristic of “XYZT”: the totem rotates on itself and what is reflected on the faces that compose it is sometimes distorted, leaving the viewer with doubts and questions. 

In the one that appeared in Abruzzo, at an altitude of 1460 meters, the rocky mountains are reflected, merging with the sky and becoming one with the work. 

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