Wysokie Obcasy, January 2, 2020

She was 25 years old, in a pocket of 400 euros, a sewing machine in the luggage. She traveled to Morocco with the ambition of creating her own brand

"A colonial house made of sun-dried brick in the French quarter of Marrakech, artist Laurence Leenaert filled with local artisans, recycled fabrics and applied arts that she creates every day.

Laurence Leenaert came to Morocco for the first time on a sabbatical in search of inspiration and new techniques for decorating fabrics. When she returned to her native Belgium, she suddenly felt uncomfortable at home. She liked the desert, its peace, space and color. She bought a return ticket. She was 25 years old, in a pocket a little over 400 euros, a sewing machine in her luggage, and in her mind she had ambitions to create her own brand."


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