Starting from 2014, Astrid Bauer initiated her academic journey at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, receiving guidance from Markus Oehlen and Gregor Hildebrandt.


With a focus on the process of applying materials in her artistic endeavors, she shifted her attention away from the final outcome and turned it toward the intrinsic characteristics of the medium. This pivot inspired her to delve into the realm of three-dimensional artistic forms. Astrid Bauer’s creative works, whether they take the form of objects or installations, embody a dual approach that harmonizes intuition and precision. These artworks establish meaningful linkages with natural phenomena, fundamental physical concepts, and the fluidity of existence. They encapsulate dichotomies like fragility and strength, density and expansiveness, and even universality.


The constituent elements that come together to shape her sculptures merge in a way that provokes a sense of ambiguity—an invitation to consider whether to embrace the tension rooted in fragility or to perceive the overarching harmony. While the arrangement of bars in her creations presents a range of choices, it isn’t obligatory. The bars themselves can either provide structural stability or yield to collapse. Within their configuration coalesce disorder and organization, mirroring the very essence of nature as a complete and interconnected entity.

Studio shots